Tuesday September 1, 2015
4:43 am

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NWICatholic Read the Indiana bishops' pastoral letter on poverty in our state in its entirely. Download it at http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Bishop Hying on EWTN 'CRUX" series tonight @ 5:30 pm, speaking on God and his intervention in our lives. Tune-in! http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Listen to Bishop Hying's interesting July 31 interview on Lakeshore radio at http://t.co/HRm8OfzvSN
NWICatholic Catholics in Michigan City get 'Tapped In' on Thomas Aquinas. Learn more at http://t.co/zZrdqibyRw
NWICatholic Pray for those killed and wounded in the Louisiana theatre. Pray for an end to senseless violence. http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Rick Piwowarski set to take the helm as Andrean High School's new principal. Read more at http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic As we enjoy the warmth and beauty of summer, pray for peace on our streets, in our neighborhoods and in our world!. http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU

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