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February 2017 Obituaries

Andrews, Steven, 55, St. Thomas More, Munster


Balcerak, Kenneth, 63, Holy Name, Cedar Lake

Benedict, Mary M., 90, St. Mary, Crown Point

Biernacki, Joseph, 89, St. Peter, LaPorte

Budkis, Janet E., 93, St. Mary, Griffith


Carlsson, Lucille, 86, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Conley, Patrick L., 79, St. Thomas More, Munster

Crise, John, 82, Sacred Heart, Wanatay


Daley, Richard, 58, St. Peter, LaPorte

Detterline, Lucille, 92, St. Thomas More, Munster

Dombrowski, Martin P., 54, Our Lady of Grace, Highland


Ekamp, Josephine, 93, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Erb, Louis J., 90, Our Lady of Grace, Highland


Faucett, Julie B., 77, St. Thomas More, Munster

Fetsch, Jean M., 88, St. Mary, Crown Point

Foster, Kenneth R., 56, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Frankowski, Eleanor M., 92, St. Mary, Crown Point


Gall, Norma I., 92, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

George, Nancy L., 78, St. Mary, Crown Point

Green, Richard, Holy Name, Cedar Lake


Hannon, John E., 90, St. Peter, LaPorte

Harmon, Peggy, 69, Sacred Heart, Wanatah

Hermsen, Shirley, 79, St. Peter, LaPorte

Hoeckelberg, Don, 84, Holy Name, Cedar Lake

Huseman, Wilbur, 94, St. Mary, Crown Point


Johnson, Grace, 97, St. Edward, Lowell

Juby, Eleanor M., 93, St. Joseph, Dyer


Keller, Acacia M., stillborn, St. Mary, Griffith

Kelly, Kevin, 63, Holy Name, Cedar Lake

Klekot, Ted, 88, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago

Kolodziej, Betty A., 88, Our Lady of Consolation

Kopchik, Josephine, 95, St. Mary, Crown Point

Kostelnik, Diane, 74, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Kowalski, Joseph W., 90, St. Thomas More, Munster


Lazarian, Dorris L., 85, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville


Magdalen, Germak O., 84, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Majkowski, Stanley H., 80, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Margraf, Lawrence M., 76, St. Joseph, Dyer

Matura, Jean M., 78, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Milusak, Phyllis, 97, St. Mary, Griffith

Misch, Joe, 56, Holy Name, Cedar Lake

Morgan, Gail, 78, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Morgan, Robert, 83, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Morgan, Sandra J., St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville


O’Brien, Terri, 60, St. Thomas More, Munster

Ousley, Jacqueline K., 60, Sacred Heart, Wanatah


Roberts, Don E., 87, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Rogers, Gail, 79, St. Peter, LaPorte

Rothbauer, Ruth, 64, St. Peter, LaPorte


Sako, Genevieve, 94, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Santos, Santos C., 70, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago

Sawachka, Mitchell, 55, St. Mary, Crown Point

Schaadt, Patricia G., 90, St. Mary, Griffith

Schafer, Ellen A., 88, St. Martin of Tours, LaCrosse

Schwer, John W., 88, St. Thomas More, Munster

Sellers, Clyde R., 93, St. Mary, Crown Point

Shea, Conner D., 80, St. Mary, Griffith

Smith, Waltraud, 85, St. Peter, LaPorte

Somodi, Donna, 83, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Spangler, Elizabeth J., 88, Ss. Peter and Paul, Merrillville

Squyres, Joan, St. Matthias, Crown Point


Urdiales, Charles A., 97, St. Joseph, Dyer


Velasquez, George S., 74, Our Lady of Grace, Highland


Vician, Kathleen A., 74, Our Lady of Grace, Highland


Wilander, Natalie L., 83, Ss. Peter and Paul, Merrillville

Wyatt, Robert L., Jr., 81, St. Mary, Griffith


Zaiko, Xaviera, 89, St. Mary, Crown Point

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