Tuesday August 4, 2015
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NWICatholic Catholics in Michigan City get 'Tapped In' on Thomas Aquinas. Learn more at http://t.co/zZrdqibyRw
NWICatholic Pray for those killed and wounded in the Louisiana theatre. Pray for an end to senseless violence. http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Rick Piwowarski set to take the helm as Andrean High School's new principal. Read more at http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic As we enjoy the warmth and beauty of summer, pray for peace on our streets, in our neighborhoods and in our world!. http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Miracles happen. Read Deacon Bob Marben's reflection on Camino de Santiago. http://t.co/GJFl3A3ZFU
NWICatholic Congratulation Andrean HS, Indiana state 3A baseball champs! Way to go, Niners! For more, go to http://t.co/zZrdqibyRw
NWICatholic Laudato Si, on Care for Our Common Home http://t.co/M2XLos160t

July 2015 Obituaries

Benjamin, Lillian, 85, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Biedul, Patricia A., 84, St. Matthias, Crown Point


Castillo, Carmen, 79, St. Mary, Griffith

Cerajewski, Joan C., 77, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Cox, Robert, 71, St. Thomas More, Munster

Cwiok, Cecile, 84, St. Thomas More, Munster


Derybowski, Joseph, 99, St. Adalbert, Whiting

Dolatowski, Leon T., 68, St. Thomas More, Munster


Eads, Lucille C., 92, St. Thomas More, Munster


Ference, Jeanette, 64, Our Lady of Grace, Highland


Gleason, William P., 79, St. Edward, Lowell

Gutierrez, Celia, 86, St. Matthias, Crown Point


Higgins, Thomas, 82, St. Andrew the Apostle, Merrillville


Karolzak, Catherine, 83, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Kendera, Cecilia, 89, St. Andrew the Apostle, Merrillville

Kermin, Marcile, 92, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Kime, Francesca J., 90, St. Mary, Griffith

Kuzma, Michael J., 95, St. Thomas More, Munster


Meny, Rosalie H., 79, St. Mary, Griffith


Nowak, Sophie, 87, St. Joseph, LaPorte


Polgar, Carole J., 61, St. Mary, Griffith


Skopelja, Sue T., 88, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Stotts, Patricia, 78, St. Ann, Gary


Wood, Martha A., 83, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

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