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Late deacon was true servant of God, his family, and his community

      In life we expect in the natural order of things to bury our parents, grandparents, those that we know are ill and will leave us soon. When someone that is and has been a big part of your life suddenly is taken from you, it is difficult to understand.  Obviously, God needed them more and that is a consolation to me. 

      I am presently in that process.  I think of all the times I spent with my friend, Miguel (Mig) Arredondo over the years and, while it makes me sad, it also makes me glad I knew him.  I’ve known Mig for 40 of the 60 years of my life. We, his friends, knew him as a hard worker, dedicated to whatever was the task at hand. He was our go-to guy because he knew so many people in all walks of life.

      We are all professionals in fields that serve people trying to make better lives for themselves and their loved ones.  Whenever we would call Mig for his help he would know whom to contact or he would say, “That’s a good one, let me call you back.”  When he called back he always had an answer or a contact. You see, he was a true servant – a servant of God, of his family and of his community.

      He and his wife Lety were devoted to each other and their two sons, little Mig and Carlos. His dedication to his church could be seen on Sundays at Mass as he and Lety were either lectors or ministers of Holy Comm and their sons were altar servers. He believed his expression of faith was a family matter.  He was a servant of God, of his family and of his community.

      Mig had many communities, and they all came out to honor him and send him to his eternal rest – from the honor guard of the Lake County Sherriff’s Dept., where he worked for 20 years, to his friends and family and his most recent community, Sacred Heart Parish in Whiting.  Mig and Lety always talked with affection of their work with this community.  The Sacred Heart community provided a rosary at the wake and remembered how he and his wife would join them on Saturday mornings to pray the Rosary.  He was a servant of God, of his family and of his community.

      Just a year ago, Mig was ordained a deacon of our Catholic Church. He was so happy that day! His six-year journey of study for him was a true conversion to a deeper love of his faith.  We shared many conversations as he constantly was in awe of how great our faith and our God were in our lives.  We, his friends, now believe this time was God’s way of preparing him for his short time left with us.  He was an example to all of us of being a true servant to God, to his family and to his community. Rest in peace, Mig, we will miss you.

     Adeline Torres is director of the Office of Hispanic Ministry. This column appeared in Spanish in the Northwest Indiana Catholic edition dated June 22, 2014.

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