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Discussion Guide -- Issue of 09-29-15




Page 14

1.       What is a ‘reservation?’

2.       What has contributed to the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness with the people of Red Cloud?

3.       How has the Catholic Church been a presence to these people?

4.       A young Lakota man is quoted as saying, “…everything vibrates and that vibration symbolizes the presence of God.” When you consider God, how

          does this image speak to you?

5.       The story states that the Lakota nation treats water as sacred. Talk about the

          role water plays in our lives and in our faith.

6.       Do you take water for granted or as sacred? Why?



Page 7

1.       What was this festival of faiths?

2.       Who was included in the festivities?

3.       In light of the many situations we find ourselves in today, why should we learn to honor the beliefs of others?

4.       Do you think there is only one way to worship God – only one religious

          belief that is correct? Discuss.

5.       If someone asked, what one belief of our Catholic faith would you find difficult to explain? Discuss and then with a partner, pick one and research       how you would answer the question for your homework.



Page 9

1.       Who originally introduced Peter to Jesus?

2.       Choose one of the Scripture readings listed about St. Peter and read it aloud

          in class. Discuss the passage?

3.       How was St. Peter martyred? When and where?

4.       St. Peter is often depicted holding a scroll or keys. What do you think this symbolizes?

5.       When Jesus told Peter that he would be the “rock upon which I will build my Church,” what do you think Jesus was referring to?

6.       What particular group of men has been part of the unbroken line of

          successors of St. Peter throughout the centuries?



Page 15

1.       What was recently dedicated at St. Patrick School in Chesterton?

2.       What features does this extraordinary learning center include?

3.       How is this learning center most relevant in light of Pope Francis’ recent papal encyclical – Laudato Si.

4.       Why is it important for everyone to show care and concern for the earth? Discuss.

5.       As a young person, talk about ways you can practice care for the earth. Decide how you will begin to implement one of the ideas discussed.



Page 5

1.       Read the Gospel reading for this week: Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48.

2.       What is a scandal?

3.       How has social media played a part in making scandals the norm there days?

4.       Often when we engage in gossip, we are really trying to hide our jealousies.    Talk about this.

5.       Can gossip become harmful? How can it harm others? How can it harm you?

6.       The gossip tells us that it is good when anyone tries to do good in the name of the Lord. Discuss.      

7.       We can have a tendency to try to hide our own faults by pointing out the faults of others. In a few minutes of quiet reflection, think about the faults you may have that you want to hide.



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