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NWICatholic Friends, Bishop McClory announced that he set up an email address specifically to read your prayer intentions. You…
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NWICatholic The Pastoral Center in Merrillville (where the NWI Catholic office is located) will be closed tomorrow Jan. 30 because of extreme cold.
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DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 6, 2016


Page 10

1.       What is a ‘vocation’?

2.       According to this story, who might be an influence in discerning one’s vocation to the religious life?

3.       What role does prayer have in discerning a vocation?

4.       Vocations encompass more than becoming a priest or a religious. Talk about other vocations to which people might be called.

5.       Have you felt called to a particular vocation? Discuss.



Page 12

1.       What activity did this group of Andrean High School students engage in?

2.       What was the topic of discussion on this day and why is it relevant in today’s culture?

3.       What are some of the things you might do to avoid losing your temper?

4.       What does it mean to be a mentor?

5.       Who have been the mentors in your life? Is there anyone who might view you as a mentor to them?



1.       According to the pope, how have ‘God’s children’ become lost?

2.       Who came to ‘reflect the tenderness of God’?

3.       Read the story of the prodigal son from Scripture. (Luke 15:11-32)

4.       Talk about some of the things in our world today that makes God weep.

5.       What is the one thing everyone can do to help transform our world today and bring about a change of heart?



Page 13

1.       What role does Father Burke Masters play within the Cubs organization?

2.       Does it surprise you that professional athletes might be in need of spiritual

          guidance? Why/why not?

3.       What are the two things Father Masters states he loves the most?

4.       God’s plan for us sometimes runs a crooked path. How did Father Masters come to this position?

5.       These World Series winners are obviously men with great talent. With whom did that talent originate? How did hard did these men work to     increase and hone their gift of baseball?



Page 15

1.       Does that surprise you that this speaker stated that children will meet a predator, whether they know it or not, within 15 minutes when they are online? Why or why not?

2.       Does this worry you? In what ways have your parents taught you to be safe when you’re online?

3.       Do you believe everyone tells the truth about themselves when they are communicating online? In what ways can this become dangerous for you?

4.       It has been said that once something is out on the Internet, it’s there forever.

          How do you feel about that?

5.       What information about yourself would you NEVER tell a stranger, especially online?

6.       How could something you might post online later prevent you later from getting a job or acceptance into the college of your choice?

7.       If you instinctively feel that something is not right when you are online, what should you do?



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