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DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-11-16


Page 3

1.     What happened at Pearl Harbor in 1941?

2.     Why did this cause the U.S. to enter World War II?

3.     What lesson did Father Daniel Mode learn from Pearl Harbor?

4.     Can you think of another tragic event that was a defining moment in our country’s history?

5.     Why do you think events, such as these, bring our country closer together?



Page 5

1.     What does it mean to live in an ‘instantaneous’ culture?

2.     Discuss ways Scripture tells us that Jesus showed great patience?

3.     How hard is it for you to practice patience? Discuss.

4.     How does Advent call us to patience?

5.     There is a saying, ‘In God’s time.’ Talk about what you think this means.



Page 7

1.     What is racism?

2.     Think about today’s headlines. How have you witnessed people exhibiting great racism?

3.     Do you think it’s foolish to hate another base on their differences? Why/why not?

4.     Why do you think racism is such a great sin?

5.     Archbishop Gregory write that, “Laws alone cannot eradicate racism, and only the Gospel can inoculate us from this national disease that threatens us all.” Discuss.



Page 8

1.     What is a martyr?

2.     Why is the recognition of Father Stanley Rother significant?

3.     How was Father Rother martyred?

4.     What does the willingness to be martyred say about a person’s faith?

5.     Talk about some of the things Father Rother did to help the people in Guatemala?



Page 12

1.     Why is Christmas so joyous for Cindy Harmon this year?

2.     What rare condition did she contract that started her health downfall?

3.     How did the sacrament of the anointing of the sick help her?

4.     In whom did Cindy Harmon put her trust?

5.     Talk about a time when you put your trust in God?

6.     How does this woman now use her experience to help others?

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