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DICUSSION GUIDE Issue of 11-26-17


Page 1

1.         In what ways have people over the centuries focused on storing up treasures?

2.         When we have this kind of mindset, what are some of the consequences?

3.         What did Pope Francis mean when he said, “What we invest in love remains, the rest vanishes.” Hint: what do we take with us when we die?

4.         Why was the servant in the parable rebuked by his master? (Read Matthew 25:14-30)

5.         Why is it not enough to simply do no wrong? What does it mean to be proactive?

6.         What are some ways you can show your care for the poor?



Page 3

1.         What is the Spaghetti Bowl and where does it take place?

2.         Why are sports and physical activities good for the well-being of priests, too?

3.         Why should we all take care of our bodies?

4.         What is an activity that’s good for your body? What might be bad?

5.         In what ways can sports help build community?



Page 5

1.         Who are the two men recently beatified that Bishop Hying writes about?

2.         Who is Black Elk?

3.         Although they were all very different, what did these men have in common?

4.         Father Rother is said to have struggled in academics, what does that tell you about one’s ability to still be holy and serve God?

5.         What does the bishop mean when he writes that we all can be a ‘unique’  saint of our own destiny?



Page 8

1.         Knowing that God awaits each of us, should we fear death?

2.         Do you have relatives or friends that come to mind in this month of remembrance?

3.         What are some of your happy memories of them?

4.         Knowing that any given day could be our last, how should we live our lives?

5.         According to Pope Francis, what is so beautiful about death?



Page 9

1.         What is the Baby Box?

2.         What are the circumstances of this story?

3,         What does this system stop people from doing?

4.         How does the system work?

5.         How did the mother who put this baby in the box show her respect for life?

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