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NWICatholic Friends please read the latest message from Bishop McClory...
NWICatholic Friends, Bishop McClory announced that he set up an email address specifically to read your prayer intentions. You…
NWICatholic Bishop McClory invites us to unite in prayer at noon and 6 p.m. each day. Watch his full video message on YouTube
NWICatholic Bishop McClory will celebrate Mass at 11 a.m. on March 22. Click this link to watch the live stream:
NWICatholic The Pastoral Center in Merrillville (where the NWI Catholic office is located) will be closed tomorrow Jan. 30 because of extreme cold.
NWICatholic "This horror is the antithesis of everything that Jesus Christ and the Church purport to be about." Read more this…
NWICatholic "Nurture the garden of your soul. Walk there with the Lord in the early light of dawn or the cool of the evening. S…

November 2018 Obituaries

Allen, Barbara M., 73, Our Lady of Sorrows, Valparaiso

Anello, Carolyn A., 80, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Angyus, Delores J., 87, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Bajenski, Eugene J., 86, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Barcenas, Yolanda, 82, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Bufano, David A., 64, St. Joseph, Dyer

Burek, Joseph, 92, St. Thomas More, Munster


Cavanaugh, Jim, 92, St. John the Evangelist, St. John

Coduti, Mary, 71, St. John the Evangelist, St. John

Cooley, Robert H., 89, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Deal, Kathleen M., 72, St. Mary, Kouts

Diaz, Miguel, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Dunne, David, 75, St. John the Evangelist, St. John

Duran, Joe G., 81, St. John the Evangelist, St. John


Ferkull, Doloeres T., 87, St. Mary, Crown Point


Garcia, Carol, 71, St. Mary, Crown Point


Handley, Thomas F., 68, St. Mary Crown Point

Hazel, Thomas F., 69, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Hidalgo, Daniel, 70, St. Mary, Crown Point

Holdmann, Rose M., 95, St. Mary, Griffith

Howser, George, 81, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Janisch, Jeanne, 94, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Jarczyk, Leonard F., 88, St. Thomas More, Munster


Kowal, Henry J., 91, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville


La Sics, Joyce J., 72, St. Mary, Griffith

Lis, Michael E., 45, St. Mary, Griffith


Manago, Herbert D., 83, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Marczak, Genevieve M., 71, St. Thomas More, Munster

Masolak, Stanley, 91, St. Thomas More, Munster

Mirich, Mark, 60, St. Mary, Crown Point

Molinaro, Frank P., 82, St. Thomas More, Munster

Morgan, Kathleen, 62, St. Mary, Crown Point


Pena, Sarah, 88, St. Mary, Crown Point

Peterich, Marilyn, 82, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Pondusa, Joseph, 87, St. Thomas More, Munster

Pych, Beulah, 97, St. Joseph, LaPorte


Reif, Diane M., 74, Our Lady of Sorrows, Valparaiso

Rudolph, Carol, 73, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Rybarczyk, Patricia, 68, St. John the Evangelist, St. John


Sarros, Marlene C., 87, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Small, Judy A., 78, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Vrska, Nancy G., 87, Our Lady of Sorrows, Valparaiso


Walla, Antonia, 93, St. Mary, Crown Point

Wedow, Robert, 80, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Wells, Donald, 80, St. Mary, Griffith

Wielogorski, Allan J., 78, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Wirtz, Dorothy C., St. Mary, Crown Point


Zoch, Patricia A., 77, St. Paul, Valparaiso

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